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Simply Incredible
I am an energy healer who has been in practice for over 10 years now. In my case, Katya was instrumental in facilitating the release of trauma that had been lodged in my body for over 50 years from having observed a street accident as a small child. It has only been 3 days since my Destiny Retrieval and I will never be the same again! Thank you Katya! Thank you for helping me recover my inner glow and the music in my life! Katya is the real deal and I highly recommend her shamanic services!

Maryfaith G

In the two ses­sions that I had with Katya, she was able to help me iden­tify wounded parts of myself that were ignored for many years. I received an amaz­ing deep spir­i­tual heal­ing that has helped me to get my life back on course. Thank you Katya with all of my heart.

Stephen, Boston, MA

It was so lovely to meet you yes­ter­day and I can’t thank you enough for your heal­ing pres­ence, your heal­ing work. I feel truly blessed to have expe­ri­enced a ses­sion with you and I can feel the dif­fer­ence in my soul and body and per­spec­tive. I really loved work­ing with the stones and was amazed at how this shifted some big things for me. I feel now that I can love/accept/approve of all my past expe­ri­ences (even if they seemed ‘neg­a­tive’) because they brought me here to this point, exactly where I am meant to be. I also felt pro­found grat­i­tude to be led into the heart of the Earth. Some­times I for­get to con­nect into her, and she is so nur­tur­ing and powerful.

S. A., Cambridge, MA

It is just past one year since the first time I met with you in person, and still I find myself effected by what transpired that day.  Though I am certain there is work left to do (I am sure there will always be work to do), I find I have some tools I did not have before.  I know everything lies within me already, but there is no doubt that along the way, we meet guides and teachers, sages and knowledge-keepers… and you happen to be one of those, one who helps open eyes and minds.

Jennifer, Boston, MA

I have been a physician for many years and am quite familiar with the good things modern medicine can accomplish.  I am also aware of its limitations.  This includes the field of psychology.  Most people have quirks in their personalities, that make them who they are.  Some of these may be genetic, and many of them are related to past experiencies, particulary birth family.  With enough psychology counseling and reading it is possible to get a good grasp of how your upbringing affected your current life.  The bottom line is that we can understand what happened.  That doesn’t automatically fix the problem.  Shamanism can actually help us erase old histories so we can start with a blank slate.

The sort of things I am refering to include the way we interact with otlher people, do we give in when we should stand our ground, are we hesitant to speak up in a group, or attract attention to ourselves. I accidently discovered the writings of Alberto Villodolo, the first was “power up your brain” which has a lot of science in it, and attracted my attention.  Then I read some of his other books, the more I read, the more I wondered if this could benefit me.

Not long ago, I had an opportunity to travel to the area for business.  I made an appointment with Katya.  She did a soul retrieval, by the time I got out the front door, I could tell something was different and improved in me.  I felt more confident interacting with strangers on my way back to the hotel.  Over the next month I no longer felt like an outsider, but “one of the group”. I had numerous random memories of conversations in my past, going back to teenage.  The conversations were real, but I could now see both sides of the discussion, and realized how many things I must have misinterpreted back then. I also noticed that I am more likely to stand up for what I want instead of going along with someone else’s ideas.

I sleep much better and dream more (which indicates a better quality of sleep).  I actually sleep fewer hours but feel more rested.  I frequently awaken before the alarm.  There is no tossing and turning.  If you are familiar with yoga, it feels like suvasana or corpse pose.  That is, wide awake but totally relaxed with no movement (very high stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system).  Previously I could only achieve this at the end of a yoga class, now it happens almost daily-  very nice.

My life definitely improved.  Did this magically transform my life like a Harry Potter movie?  No, of course not.  What it did was change the way I look at myself, which changed the way I interact with other people, which then changed my life.

I would very highly recommend this to others.

Doc in the Wild West

Katya’s deep soul wisdom is a gift to all ~ her pure open heart helps clients to uncover their own personal truths. The sacred space Katya holds is impeccable allowing for amazing transformational processes to occur!

Christine, Chicago, IL

About a month and a half ago, I found myself in place of despair after an emotional trauma. The weight of my feelings and thoughts became heavier by the day – less and less manageable. So, I began to search for all paths that might guide me to relief. That’s how I came to find Katya.

I arrived to our initial session without specific expectations. I carried that self-protection with me – the protection that having no expectations allows – in case I had to walk away with the same sorrows that brought me to Katya’s door. However, it took hardly any time for that to fall away. It could only dissolve as I found myself experiencing connection, loving guidance, acceptance, acknowledgment, and new self-knowledge–all gifts I’ve been able to draw on in the months that have followed as sources of strength.

After our session, I began having new dreaming experiences and other conscious/sub-conscious experiences. When trying to make sense of them, I found myself without the language I needed to begin the process of interpretation. Katya has been a great help in offering me guidance, insight, and suggestions for additional resources to help me find my truth in them. I’m still processing my trauma, but with less despair and more self-forgiveness, gentleness, and curiosity.

G. A., Cambridge, MA

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