Patient testimonials for Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage

Katya is an incredibly talented massage therapist and healer and I couldn’t be happier my husband and I found her.  I recently had a surgery that was more invasive then I had ever anticipated. My recovery was very difficult– I was in a lot of pain and it didn’t seem to be getting much better as time went on.  Two weeks after my surgery, I found an article about manual lymph drainage massage and how effective it is for post op healing. Apparently therapists certified in MLD are hard to come by in the U.S., so I was happy to find Katya so close to home.  After the first session, I felt about 10% better.  Nothing crazy, but enough that I noticed a difference. But MLD is said to be most effective when several sessions are clumped closely together so I was optimistic. After the second session I felt at least 40% better.  It was an immediate and huge leap forward in my recovery! I was far more mobile, quicker on my feet, and much less tender and sore.  That same day I was able to take my compression stockings off my legs for good.  No more pain and tenderness in my legs! Today is one day after my third session and I wore wedge sandals comfortably all day at work.  This was unimaginable for me just  a few days ago. Knowing what an impact she had for me, my husband, whose been suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for months now, went to see her today.  He has tried the chiropractor, doctors, physical therapy and more and nothing has made much of a difference.  He was equally impressed with Katya and felt much better after just one session than he had after several physical therapy and chiropractic sessions. To sum it all up, Katya is calming, intelligent, supportive, and very, very talented.  Whatever your ailment, go and see her. You won’t be disappointed.

Kate B.


Excellent massage technique and great bedside manner!

I came to Katya because I had a lot of swelling after surgery and my surgeon recommended lymphatic drainage massage. I was in quite a lot of pain with limited mobility, and I was also worried about complications due to the swelling. Katya’s massages were gentle and thorough, and I could move more freely afterwards. I think seeing her sped up my recovery, too. More importantly, she has a very reassuring manner, and I always left feeling much calmer and more confident that my body would heal.



Calming setting

My first time experience with Katya Kudryavtseva for lymphatic massage was a great one. Honestly, I wish I had come to her sooner. Katya uses natural healing. She will address any questions or concerns you have, providing useful information about the body, as well as sharing with you techniques for speeding the healing process. I highly recommend this service to anyone who has had liposuction, especially in the early stages when you’re most sensitive. She is gentle and gives excellent feedback.



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