Shamanic Energy Healing


One of Katya’s mentors – Don Francisco Chura Flores, a Quero healer from Peru

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
C. S. Lewis

Sometimes we are called to explore and heal ourselves at our deepest energetic level –  the level of soul and spirit. Shamanic healing works at these levels to help individuals fully align their life journeys with their own unique power, beauty, and creative energy.

Ancient shamanic meth­ods of healing the luminous energy field can help those who struggle with emotions, sickness, spiritual seeking. Using  body­work, breath­ing tech­niques, and guided med­i­ta­tion one can step out of the lim­it­ing roles and sto­ries in their life, experience and integrate a new resourceful state and start creating a new destiny for themselves.

Shamanic healing: energy medicine for the soul and spirit

Shamanic healing allows you to taste the infin­ity — a state out­side of time and space, where you can expe­ri­ence yourself as a soul and spirit that is not limited by a story. It is a very spe­cial, sacred expe­ri­ence. Katya uses ancient heal­ing tech­niques that have been known to heal­ers of the world for thou­sands of years.

Illu­mi­na­tion is an energetic cleanse that allows one to disconnect from the disempowering stories of pain, disease, trauma or fear. When we realize we are not our stories, we become energetically liberated, or illuminated. The effects of this practice are felt physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Soul Retrieval is a process of retrieving a vital piece of life force that was lost at the time of a trau­matic expe­ri­ence. During the integration phase you will re-write disempowering contracts, extract the gifts and a power animal — the symbolic allies on your journey of healing.

Extrac­tion is removal of enti­ties and ener­gies that attach to a person’s energy field. This practice comes out of the Peruvian jungle medicine, where stones are used to capture unruly energies that are perceived by the shamans as daggers and swords from the an ill-intending neighbor, or an angry ancestor. Extraction is about bringing harmony into the relationships with oneself and others, and shedding karmic and ancestral patterns of living.

Munay-ki rites of passage —  a new energetic software, if you will, a series of energetic transmissions that help you heal the past, allow you to change the course of your destiny, shed the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited. Having a new energy body enables you to grow a new physical body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

Shamanic fire circles with despacho prayer offering  to honor tran­si­tional peri­ods — new begin­nings, end­ings, or when an emer­gency energetic inter­ven­tion is needed.

Dying Con­sciously: The Greatest Journey is a pro­gram that Katya offers to her commu­nity and her clients on behalf of the Institute for Energy Medicine. This program provides tangible tools of assisting individuals who are in the process of dying. It is an end-of-life spiritual care modality, helping families and their dying loved ones achieve closure, dignity, and peace. The goal of this work is to help individuals to leave this life alive, to die consciously. Read more about Dying Consciously


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