Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for Wellness

Lymphatic System Bootcamp: Detoxification & Rejuvenation

This is a 5-week course of 10 treatments, each 75 minutes in length.
Treatments are done twice a week, 3-4 days apart.
Total program cost: $1,400

This program is for those who want to look and feel younger, lighter, healthier and have undergone the process of weight loss, have had a major stress in their lives, or are recovering from a substance addiction, or from a course of treatment with harsh drugs, such as chemotherapy, long-term antibiotic therapy, etc.

MLD not only detoxifies the tissues, it normalizes metabolism, digestion, sleep, and it relaxes the nervous system.

MLD + Shiatsu for Digestive Health

A course of 5 weekly treatments, 60-minute each.
Total program cost: $600

Deep visceral shiatsu treatment is followed by MLD on the abdomen.
Indications include: IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, habitual constipation.
The treatments improve digestive function, as well as immunity and metabolism.

MLD for Burn and Scar Healing

3-5 treatments are required initially, after which the patient is instructed to work on the scar at home for the length of the recovery.

Manual Lymph Drainage has shown excellent cosmetic results when applied in treatment of fresh burn scars and trauma/surgical scars. It makes them softer and more mobile. If MLD is applied to the wound of fresh burns, there will be less blisters, and the healing will take place much faster, especially if there is a skin transplant. The sooner MLD treatments begin, the better. MLD work is light enough not cause significant discomfort. Only the healthy tissues surrounding the burn are worked on at the beginning. As the scar ages, MLD can be applied directly to it, making keloid formation less common.

Location & scheduling

103 Kenrick Street
Boston, MA 02135
Tel. (617) 855-5852

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