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Knowledgeable and collaborative
Katya brings a variety of massage and other modalities to addressing the aches and pains of life (especially as we get older!). She is extremely skilled and works in partnership with her client to address injuries and chronic patterns of pain and dysfunction in the body. She is someone who always keeps learning and bring new skills and insights to her clients.She also offers guidance on how to take care of yourself. One of the best massage therapists I’ve ever experienced.

Carol B

Engaged and committed
From the moment I stepped into Katya’s space, I knew that she is comfortable with and in-tuned to the unique journey on our way to healing our mind and body. Her hands are powerful and I would consider her a natural healer. Not only that, she is continuously learning different modalities as a bodyworker. She is committed to making us, clients feel better and that’s reassuring. I look forward to my next session with her.

YH, educator, social worker, energy healer

Marvelous sense of well-being!
Katya is an amazing therapist. I’ve known her for a year and a half now, and she continues to amaze me. The minute her hands touch your body you start feeling much better. Not only she has amazing hands, she’s well educated and continues to study to be able to address issues in the most efficient way. She’s patience and calm and empowers you with a marvelous sense of well-being!


Something beyond…
Katya tunes in to read body and mind and then connects as needed. In addition to her many great skills and capacity to work holistically, Katja has something beyond. She is the best of the best.

Richard P

One of the best I’ve had in Boston
Katya was not only very good but she took the time to explain several of my issues and show me how to work on a few things myself. She vas very professional. I highly recommend her.


Expert bodywork
Katya has the skill to work out even the most stubborn problems. Stopping here was one of the best things I’ve done in Boston.

Andrew P

The Chinese connection
After meeting with Katya for the first time, I changed my schedule to make sure I can meet her once a week for 1.5 hour. Katya is very attentive to all my needs and pains. Our sessions are on time and Katya is flexible to meet my availability. After searching for a long time, last year after meeting Katya, the search is over and I will continue having her “work” her magic on my body.

Koby K

Katya Kud when no one else could
Katya is a very talented therapist. Her mastery of multiple modalities combined with her knowledge of the human body only increase the effectiveness of her therapies. She’s careful to listen to your body and work with you to create the best and most comfortable treatment. Katya recently helped me recover from a lower back injury. I would highly recommend her.

Chris S

Katya knows body work so well, she does amazing work and is extremely versed in locating trouble areas of the body. I recently had a massage with her and some of my neck and shoulder issues have been greatly relieved. She gave great suggestions for continued pain relief. I was very impressed with her level of expertise and professionalism and would rate her as outstanding.
Katya is a treasure. Not only she’s one of the best massage therapist I’ve met, she’s also full of knowledge and a pleasure to be with.


Katya is a truly gifted Massage Therapist. From the moment she laid her hands on me, her skill and sensitivity were evident. Her deep tissue work transformed my shoulder knots and tight hips. I was so relaxed afterwards I didn’t want to move. Highest recommendations!

Wendy R.

Katya is an incredibly gifted massage therapist. She could tell exactly what was wrong with me and where I needed the most attention, applying exactly the right amount of pressure and providing just the right combination of relaxation and relief. I’ve had many massages, but the one she gave me was probably the best I’ve ever received. You must see her! She will change your life!

Toyoko O.

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103 Kenrick Street
Boston, MA 02135
Tel. (617) 855-5852

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