Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
The #1 manual therapy for wellness and post-surgical rehabilitation


 Plastic surgery recovery

  • Heal faster from liposuction, tummy tucks, BBL’s, and face lifts. 

  • Experience relief from pain and swelling on day 1.

  • Worried about the scars? With MLD scars heal tighter, thinner, less deep.

  • Post-surgical rehab plans are available in packages of 5 and 10.

MLD for wellness

  • Are you suffering from a chronic disease? MLD can help you get to the place of more energy, less pain and edema, better immunity, better mood and sleep.

  • Looking for a preventative wellness routine? MLD effectively boosts the health of lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems.

  • Are you experiencing a temporary upset in your lymphatic system? MLD optimizes the body’s natural lymphatic drainage, improving circulation and unblocking obstructions.

See a full list of conditions treated with MLD


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Meet the therapist

Katya Kudryavtseva, LMT maintains an active certification by Dr. Vodder School International as a Wellness Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist. She has been helping her patients improve the quality of health and life by using MLD and other adjunctive manual therapies. Her offices are located in Newton, MA and in Boston’s Copley Square.

Call Katya for a free consultation: (617) 855-5852

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Tel. (617) 855-5852

Copley Square office, Fridays & Saturdays
581 Boylston Street, Suite 302, Boston, MA

Newton office, next to exit 17 off Mass Turnpike
Monday - Wednesday
125 Vernon Street, Suite 2, Newton, MA

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